Cypress’s Law and Photography practice focuses on the unique issues concerning print photography in editorial, fashion, and commercial publications. Cypress helps photographers, agents, producers, and designers navigate the world of rights acquisition and protection and avoid problems and disputes involving employment and contract issues. Clients include Giant Artists, Redeye Represents, Portfolio One Productions, as well […]

On April 29, 2014, Senators Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) and Christopher Coons (D-Del.) introduced a bill that will enable trade secret owners to file civil actions for theft of trade secrets in federal courts. The bill would add the civil right of action for trade secret owners to the Economic Espionage Act, which presently gives only […]

On March 18, 2014, the ASCAP rate court issued an eagerly anticipated decision setting the rates paid by Pandora – arguably the most successful Internet music delivery service in the U.S. – for the use of ASCAP member repertoire over its service through 2015.

The New Year brought a new set of laws into play for California limited liability companies (LLC). There is no immediate action required to comply, but there could be serious complications with the application of operating agreements drafted prior to January 2014. Every LLC is different, so it’s important to have qualified legal counsel such […]

Exposed? We’ve got you covered. Are you a designer and looking to build your brand? Are you an entrepreneur with a start-up idea and trying to figure out what the next step is and who to turn to? Is fashion your passion, and are you ready to make it a reality? Cypress is no stranger […]

In these fast-paced times when employees and top-level executives are leaving one company to join another or to start up their own, trade secret litigation and employee mobility issues are hot topics in the employment and IP litigation arena.

Cypress proudly boasts its congratulations for another year to our Super Lawyers– Nabil Abu-Assal and Robert Muller in Business Litigation, Intellectual Property, and Intellectual Property Litigation, respectively.