Mar 29, 2017 / Insight

Connecting the World Initiative

This spring, Cypress and litigation partner Laura Premi will launch our Connecting the World Initiative – a 12- month, 12- city, Cypress tour around the world.

Laura and the firm are working with Remote Year a program that brings together professionals interested in cultural exploration and growth while operating their business remotely around the world. Laura’s Remote Year group includes professionals working in digital media, technology and entertainment as well as artists, filmmakers, entrepreneurs, and consultants from around the world.

Laura and Cypress see the initiative as an exciting example of the ways increased globalization and technology-driven communication are changing how business is done and legal services are provided. According to Laura, one of the things about Remote Year that intrigued her was its relevance: “More and more our clients are operating from multiple locations throughout the world and using technology to communicate efficiently. An initiative like this gives us a chance to really test drive the model of providing top notch client service from anywhere in the world.”

Cypress co-founder Brent Bradley worked closely with Laura to get the initiative off the ground. According to Brent, “At Cypress, we believe we have created a space whose essential purpose is to support the needs and goals and even the dreams of our people and our clients. Facilitating Laura’s desire to see the world while serving our clients is emblematic of our desire and our efforts to innovate in service of that mission.” 

Laura is excited to begin her journey with Cypress’s support. “I am part of a firm that practices its commitment to thinking creatively at all levels – including in its support for initiatives like this,” says Laura. “What might be considered nontraditional elsewhere, is viewed with openness and enthusiasm here.”

Laura is hoping to connect with and be helpful to business and industry leaders in each of her designated global office locations. Laura is especially interested in connecting with entrepreneurs, creative thinkers, and innovative and social justice minded organizations. Her itinerary is below: 

April: Split, Croatia
May: Prague, Czech Republic
June: Lisbon, Portugal
July: Sofia, Bulgaria
August: Hanoi, Vietnam
September: Chiang Mai, Thailand
October: Kyoto, Japan
November: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
December: Lima, Peru
January: Medellín, Colombia
February: Bogotá, Colombia
March: Mexico City, Mexico

We are looking forward to Connecting the World! If you can put Laura in touch with someone in any of the above locations, email her directly at Please check our website, LinkedIn page, and Laura’s personal LinkedIn page for legal and business insights and news of her travels.