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Family Law

Our family law team helps individuals and families resolve complex and often contentious personal disputes involving divorce, custody and visitation, and property division. We have a strong track record of successfully guiding our clients through the divorce juggernaut in the most delicate, efficient, and resource-conscious way possible. We also have extensive experience handling high-profile cases, as our lawyers have helped prominent celebrities, business leaders, and lawyers in Los Angeles resolve their personal legal issues successfully and discreetly.

While we aim to mediate disputes and resolve them out of court in the least disruptive way possible, our attorneys also have a distinguished background in litigation and trials and can expertly handle any level of litigation if necessary. In addition to the logistical complexities of family law cases, we understand the emotional impact that divorce, custody, and issues involving division of assets can have on our clients’ lives and well-being. We are committed not only to being excellent family law practitioners but also to providing superior client service. To that end, we do everything possible to minimize the stress, distraction, and emotional damage so commonly associated with the divorce process.