WE Practice

Startup Company and Venture Capital

Cypress’s startup company and venture capital group includes founders and early-stage investors with strong business and operational experience that makes us well-suited to provide expert legal services as well as strategic business advice.

We guide entrepreneurs and investors through all phases of the life cycle of startup and emerging growth companies. We help entrepreneurs translate their ideas into profitable businesses, as well as secure the capital they need to grow by structuring, negotiating, and closing financing transactions ranging from seed and angel rounds, to venture capital, to M&A transactions. On the investor side, we have a successful track record helping investors conduct due diligence and close on their investments. On both sides of the table, we add value by facilitating our clients in teaming with the strategic partners and talent they need to succeed.

We represent companies in a wide range of industries including, but not limited to: technology, gaming, virtual/augmented reality, media, design, entertainment, crowdfunding, fintech, e-commerce, on-demand services, and food and beverage.


Our areas of expertise include:

  • Incorporation and Formation Services. We help our clients choose the most effective organizational structure considering their goals for management, investment, and tax efficiencies.
  • Co-Founder Issues. We provide founders with tools to help them agree on relative ownership and contributions to their ventures.
  • Intellectual Property. We analyze and help our clients secure their most crucial assets, including intellectual property.
  • We handle all stages of fundraising rounds and provide strategic advice regarding raising capital and pitching investors, as well as help determine market terms for fundraising rounds, prepare investment offering documents, and ensure compliance with securities laws.
  • M&A. For more mature companies, we represent them in M&A transactions as both buyers and sellers.